Dents tend to strike at the most inopportune times: When you buy a new car. During a long trip. Or just before it’s up for sale. While they may not seem important at the time, those dents diminish the value of your vehicle. MI Dent Guy paintless dent repair technicians strive to provide the best auto body repair service to Sturgis and its surrounding communities. Our advanced processes save drivers thousands in potential value loss. Call us today at  (269) 506-1598 for a free damage estimate.

Dents are a Serious Health Risk

Little dents and dings happen all the time. So, they must not be a serious problem right? Well that’s not entirely true. They may not look like a big deal in the same way collision damage does but they put your paint job at risk. This is an issue because modern paint has taken on a whole new purpose since the early introduction of cars. Nowadays factory paint finishes are outfitted with special compounds to protect your vehicle from the elements. Without it your car could be susceptible to rust, corrosion, and damages beyond just the surface level. The best way to prevent  damage is to have the dents removed by a Sturgis Paintless Dent Removal company.

Body Shops Can’t Restore Your Value

Just a few simple dents can drop the value of your vehicle by hundreds or even thousands. To further illustrate, most used car re-sellers grade cars on a 4 tier system: Great, Good, Fair, and Poor. The difference between a fair and good score can be something as minuscule as a single dent. Even if you have the damage repaired by a body shop you will be missing out on $2000-10,000 upon trade in. Body shops repair dents by sanding down the paint, filling the dent, and painting back over it. But if you remember from the previous section, factory paints are an essential part to keeping your car healthy. Regardless of how good the repair looks, it will never bring back that original factory finish. Unless you know a talented Sturgis Paintless Dent Removal company.

Sturgis Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent repair, on the other hand, is the preferred method of repair among insurance companies around the nation. Thanks to its simple non-invasive approach you can maintain your factory value in a very affordable way. Our Sturgis Paintless Dent Removal technicians work behind the scenes to remove the dent from your car instead of covering it up. They are trained to handle specialized PDR equipment that pushes the warped metal panels back to their original shape. Call us today at (269) 506-1598 to protect your car from losing thousands on its resale value.