When your car gets a ding or dent, it is best to repair it immediately. Even minor damage can cause serious deterioration in quality and value. PDR or Paintless Dent Repair is the best method for minor body damage. Our Sturgis PDR technicians utilize special tools and techniques to push and pull at the dent firmly but slowly, leveling the surface until it blends seamlessly again. Using these skills we can return your car to its factory fresh state.

Mobile Sturgis PDR

Our Sturgis PDR team offers mobile services that bring the repair shop right to your home or office. Paintless dent repair doesn’t require any of the paints or fillers that call for a large body shop, so our technicians can perform the repairs right in your driveway. Whether you’re looking to reduce the amount of time invested in the process or the inconvenience of having your vehicle out of commission for a few hours (or even days), mobile services are the best way to take full advantage of paintless dent repair.

Free Online Estimates

When you choose a reputable Sturgis PDR company, you get to take advantage of free online estimates. You can even eliminate a step by visiting the company’s website and submitting a picture and description of the dent – all without ever leaving your home. You always know what to expect as far as costs and time investment go, which can save you quite a bit of worry and effort.

Saving Money

PDR is also a more affordable alternative to traditional body repair work. Since the technicians work with their tools and skills – as opposed to auto paint, sanders, and body fillers – costs stay low. Furthermore, the overall time investment is shorter, and you can increase your car’s value without sacrificing the original exterior paint. When it comes to the final bill, PDR can save up to 70% of what traditional paint and body shops would charge for the same damage.

Guaranteed Workmanship

Choosing the MI Dent Guy means that you get high quality repairs no matter what. As long as your paint remains intact, our best PDR work is always guaranteed. Your car will be returned to its factory fresh glory in no time!

Environmentally Safe Repair Technique

Since we don’t use any paint, body fillers, or sanding work, Paintless Dent Removal is one of the most environmentally sound options available in the field of car repair. You can get your car back to its great original shape without adding any more harmful chemicals into the environment.

The Bottom Line

Paintless Dent Repair is the best way to retain the value and appearance of your vehicle. Thanks to its simplified process we can restore your car in as little as 30 minutes depending on the damage. With convenient mobile repairs, online quotes, and affordable rates to boot PDR is the premier repair method for all drivers. Call the MI Dent Guy today at (269) 506-1598 to find out if your damage is eligible for Paintless Dent Repair.