Paw Paw Dent Repair: Choosing Paintless Dent Repair over Body Shop Repairs

Choosing Paintless Dent Repair over body shop repairs for your Paw Paw dent repair can be intimidating. Paw Paw body shops do fine work. But Paintless Dent Repair offers a better solution for your small to large dent and dings including hail damage repair. Mi Dent Guy would like to help you in choosing Paintless Dent Repair over body shop repairs for all of your Paw Paw dent repair needs.

Body Shop Repairs can be Expensive

Conventional body shop repairs require expensive materials to fix your dent. PDR generally doesn’t require any expensive materials. Therefore, making PDR more cost-effective. Body fillers and paint make body shop repairs more expensive. PDR doesn’t require any of those materials. As a matter of fact, the paintless dent repair process uses special tools to massage the dent out from behind. Occasionally, a little glue pull repair from the outside is necessary.

Body Shop Repairs take more Time

Paw Paw body shop repair processes take longer to do a proper dent repair. Fillers, primers, and paints require additional time to dry. Meanwhile, you are without a car. Since PDR doesn’t require these materials, you aren’t without your car for long. Typically, a small dent only takes an hour to repair with paintless dent repair. Not days or weeks.

Body Shop Repairs produce Waste

The body fillers, primers, and paints used in body shops repairs produce hazardous waste. Solvents are released in to our atmosphere. Body shop repairs aren’t environmentally friendly. No matter how careful the shop is, it still produces waste. PDR is environmentally friendly, producing little if any waste.

The Choice is Yours Ultimately

In conclusion, the advantages of Paintless Dent Repair are evident. Mi Dent Guy hopes we have helped you with choosing paintless dent repair over body shop repairs. Please choose Mi Dent Guy for all of your Paw Paw dent repair needs. Call today to schedule or discuss the process further. 269-506-1598