What Causes those Outie Dents?

Have you ever gotten one of those “outie” or outward dents in your trunk lid or hood? While it isn’t uncommon, the possibility that it can be repaired using Paintless Dent Repair techniques are good. Usually outie dents happen when you accidentally close your hood or trunk lid on something. The object then pushes up into the panel leaving an outward dent. A common cause of an outward dent in a hood might be an oil filler cap. Maybe someone forgot to screw it back in after servicing your vehicle. Possibly you thought that one last box would fit in the trunk and it did. As a result, an outward dent appears in your trunk lid.

Can We do Outie Dent Repair?

Whatever the cause, MI Dent Guy can help remove those outwards dents using Paintless Dent Repair techniques. The severity and sharpness of the dent determines whether we can do an outie dent repair. Generally, the outward dent can be repaired. The sharper the dent the harder and less likely it can be repaired. If the paint has been cracked or has a little spider cracking, it can most likely be repaired and some clear coat can be applied to seal up the paint damage. This process will take care of the noticeable outward dent and any paint damage would just be a little paint touch up spot.

The Solution

A more cost effective solution for an outie dent repair may be Paintless Dent Repair. Usually requiring less vehicle down time than traditional body shop repairs. As a result, your vehicle will retain its original paint and maintain its value.

While accidents may happen, the alternative to “living” with those unsightly outward dents is PDR.  Since the holiday season is upon us, you can feel free to stuff your trunk full of gifts for your loved ones. Let MI Dent Guy worry about those little accidents.

Furthermore, don’t forget to service your vehicle for the winter weather. And if you do forget the oil filler cap or maybe a tool under the hood, MI Dent Guy is here to help take care of those outie dents.

As always, don’t let those dents, door dings, and creases be an issue any more. A solution in Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana is Mi Dent Guy. When you give Paintless Dent Repair a try, you’ll feel better and your car will look better. Give us a call today at 269-506-1598.