Automotive Repair Experience?

Do you know how much automotive repair experience the person you have trusted your vehicle with has? I’m not just referring to Paintless Dent Repair, but any automotive service you have performed on your car. There are a lot of inexperienced people out there that think they can do the repair. Maybe you  have a “buddy” that can fix it. Are they really experienced with automotive repair and the constantly changing requirements by the vehicle manufacturer?

Expensive Now or Later?

While you might think an experienced automotive repair technician might be expensive right now, after a couple bad repairs by an inexperienced technician, can be more expensive in the long run. Many shops just hire people to fill a spot. These shops take a chance they can do the automotive repair well enough to pass it off on the customer. The best way to avoid this is to know who is working on your vehicle and just how much experience they have in the automotive industry they are working in.

Training Quality

With an automotive repair service like Paintless Dent Repair, you should want an experienced technician working on your vehicle. Technicians are entering the Paintless Dent Repair industry that came out of a “training mill” course. that have no automotive background or experience. They are poorly trained, usually by an instructor that can barely fix a dent. When there are all kinds of electronics and sensors (Airbag), this is not someone you want sticking a tool inside a panel.

Here at MI Dent Guy, you can trust that I have many years of automotive and collision repair experience. Since MI Dent Guy has over twenty-eight years of experience in the collision repair industry, Paintless Dent Repair isn’t a problem.  You can rely on me to know where I am placing my tools. When a part has to be removed to access a dent, rest assured I know how to take it apart. It will back together the correct way. Collision repair experience isn’t necessary to do Paintless Dent Repair, but it sure doesn’t hurt.

As always, don’t let those dents, door dings, and creases be an issue any more. You now have a solution in Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana.  You’ll feel better. Your car will look better when you let MI Dent Guy do your Paintless Dent Repair.