Did you know that there is an alternative to those expensive body shop repairs?

PDR is the alternative to costly body shop repairs. In some situations. the most practical and cost effective way to fix small dents, door dings, creases, and minor collision damage is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR).

An easy way figure out whether PDR is an option is to contact MI Dent Guy. Your vehicle’s damage for will be assessed for free at MI Dent Guy. You will get my professional, honest advice on whether a body shop is needed. I’ve been in the body shop industry for the last 28 years. I enjoy talking dents. A simple photo can be a start in the decision process.

Paint Cracked?

To determine whether your vehicle’s damage is a good candidate for PDR is to determine if the paint is cracked or not. If your paint is cracked, more than likely you will need to see your local body shop for at least some paint work. If the paint damage is minor, the damage may be be repairable with PDR. We can then touch up and polish the previously dented area. Another factor is severity of the dented panel. Sharp dents and stretched metal will probably call for body shop repairs.

Maybe you have a dent or door ding that bothers you, I know, they bother me too, but it doesn’t bother you enough to go pay those high prices at the body shop to sand, fill and refinish the panel and sometimes adjacent panels. That can get expensive, especially when you are paying out of pocket. That is when PDR is the right choice for you. You’ll be surprised at what can be done by Paintless Dent Repair and how economical it really is.

Don’t let those dents, door dings, and creases be an issue any more. The choice in Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana is MI DentGuy. Give PDR a try and you’ll feel better and your car will look better.