Three Rivers Dent Repair

Every vehicle owner gets a dent eventually. Whether you’re an avid driver or casual commuter the damage is inevitable. What’s important is knowing how to take care of it. My top of the line equipment, techniques, and services have been honed to perfection from 30 years in the auto repair industry. Now I am eager to bring you the best rates, speeds, and repairs in the Three Rivers dent repair business!

Should You Fix it Yourself?

To begin with, the short answer is no. However, if you have the experience and skill set there is no reason you shouldn’t. Good tools can be purchased for reasonable prices online and they can certainly get the job done. But without the proper knowledge and training those tools won’t do you any good. In fact, a failed PDR job can likely result in far worse damages. These damages include further denting, corrosion, rust, broken paint, and worse. Hiring a trusted Three Rivers dent repair technician is far safer. With over 30 years of auto repair experience I am more than qualified to assist in maintaining the factory fresh condition of your vehicle.

Why Choose the Mi Dent Guy Over a Body Shop?

Next, the choice between Three Rivers dent repair services and a body shop should be a no brainer assuming the damages aren’t too sever. While PDR is a very useful and versatile trade it isn’t all encompassing. If the paint job has been broken or if metal needs to be repaired you should definitely seek out a body shop. That being said, any other kind of surface dents can be handled by a skilled enough technician. A body shop will gladly take care of these kinds of dents as well but at almost three times the price. In addition, body shop repairs can often take up to several weeks to complete depending on their process. By sticking with your local Three Rivers dent repair tech you’re car will only be in service for a few hours. Even the worst hail damage only takes a few days to repair.

Ultimately you determine the quality of service your car receives. What’s important is getting your vehicle repaired promptly and thoroughly. Call 269-506-1598 today to start saving on your Three Rivers dent repair!