America’s Northern states can be known for some serious weather and Michigan is no exception. Every year hail does more than $1 billion in crop and property damage around the country, often taking many unwary driver’s cars with it. Here are five tips to keep your car at its max value throughout the Kalamazoo hail  repair season.

Always Be Prepared

By far the most important factor in keeping you and your vehicle safe during the Kalamazoo hail season is being prepared. It’s also the easiest part. If you’re concerned about your car’s well being then check the morning weather report. Maybe consider downloading a weather reporting app too.

Invest in a Covering

With our constantly expanding society it can be very difficult to find a home with a garage or even covered parking. But if you’re serious about keeping your vehicle safe then buying a car cover is a must. There are many reliable and affordable options online or you could look into a portable cover if you’re on the road a lot.

Carry A Backup Plan

In the event that you’re caught in a hail storm with no nearby covering then you may need to improvise. Old pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, and clothes can make for some good added cushion. Just keep some old material and duct tape in your trunk for emergencies. If for some reason you don’t have any of those then the floor mats of your car can provide some light protection.

Check Your Coverage

If you don’t already have it then comprehensive insurance is a must. While it isn’t as inclusive as the name suggests, comprehensive coverage can be invaluable to any type of driver. It covers most damages where there is no clear liability like falling objects, vandalism, and natural disasters. Paintless Dent Repair is Insurance Approved.

Kalamazoo Hail Repair

While the damage may not look repairable, the talented hail repair technicians at MI Dent Guy are capable of making each dent totally disappear. With a little patience, skill, and hard work your car can be looking like new in no time! Call  MI Dent Guy Today and Schedule your Kalamazoo Hail Repair. 269-506-1598