Quality Kalamazoo Dent Repair

When it comes to choosing your preferred Kalamazoo Dent Repair Company the answer won’t be immediately clear. There are many different factors to take into account such as repair time, costs, and efficiency. But now the search is over! My name is Jeff McKibben, the MI Dent Guy, and I’m here to bring you the quality Kalamazoo dent repair you’ve been waiting for!

Repairs You Can Trust

Initially, I just wanted to bring professional dent repairs to Kalamazoo, a neighbor to my hometown of Sturgis. But the only way to accomplish this would be through years of experience and training. Luckily I’ve been in the auto repair field for over 30 years. Soon enough, dent repair became a cinch as I was fixing every dent with perfect accuracy; no scars to be seen. But I knew I could do more.

On the Road in No Time

Next, I began honing my techniques. Recently, I made a trip out to California to train with certified masters of advanced PDR in an effort to perfect the art. My experience there was amazing and I returned with a few tricks up my sleeve. Now, thanks to my evolved methods paintless dent repair has never been faster! Nearly every standard job is finished in under an hour with the most difficult hail jobs taking only a few days to complete. This miraculous improvement means I can work with almost every busy schedule! But there was still more I could do to become the best Kalamazoo dent repair tech

Fair Prices in Kalamazoo

Ultimately, I began beating competitors prices. Thanks to the magic of PDR saving customers money is easy. Paintless dent removal is a relatively unique process. PDR completely avoids the need for paint, primer, and panel removal. Therefore it’s material and labor costs are far lower than that of a body shop! Now I have the most competitive prices in the Kalamazoo dent repair industry!

Thanks to my hard work and training, I have become a trustworthy tech locally. But now, I want to bring my talents to the Kalamazoo dent repair business! Call 269-506-1598 today to start your Free Quote.