It’s Not Easy

If you’ve owned many vehicles in your life you certainly know what it’s like trying to re-sell a car when you can’t quite get what you expect for it. This can put a lot of financial stress on anyone. Because of this it’s very imperative you understand the importance of maintaining your car’s resale value. And one major contributing factor to resale value is the physical appearance of the car. Therefore, finding a reliable Battle Creek dent repair technician is paramount. But it’s not easy. To narrow down your search you should ask each tech three important questions:

Where were you trained?

The first question most PDR technicians are asked is “where did you get your training?” This is a fine question but it is inherently flawed as there is no nationally recognized certification for Paintless Dent Removal. In fact, most schools that train PDR techs only train them for a few weeks before tossing them out into the world. While school training certainly is a good starting point it’s not the only quality you should be searching for in your Battle Creek dent repair technician.

What Tools Do You Use?

Next, you should ask what tools are going to be used on your car. Any dent repair tech worth their money wouldn’t be caught dead using off the shelf products. The most common tools you will see are third party tools made specifically for professionals. If you see a ‘professional’ using gimmicky online repair tools, keep a safe distance between them and your vehicle.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

Lastly, this is the most important question you could ask your tech. An excellent technician will have years of hands on experience under their belt. Often you will hear many professionals refer to PDR as an ‘art.’ They carry specialized tools for the job and generally only work with others who take the job seriously. These are the experts that you want as your Battle Creek dent repair tech.

MI Dent Guy: Your Professional Battle Creek Dent Repair Technician

I’m the MI Dent Guy and I’ve been in the Battle Creek dent repair business for many years now. With over 30 years of collision repair and auto sheet metal experience I’ve more than qualified myself as a trustworthy PDR tech. My advanced use of professional tools and techniques save my clients a fortune in time, money, and stress. I love the art of Paintless Dent Removal and strive to bring each and every customer a flawless PDR experience. Call 269-506-1598┬áToday to get your Free Quote and Damage Analysis from the most experienced Battle Creek dent repair tech in the business!