What Makes Our LaGrange PDR Service Better Than a Body Shop?

  • Insurance Approved – Although most LaGrange insurance agents aren’t aware of PDR, the Insurance companies are. Most often, they cover the costs due to its practicality and affordability.
  • Affordable – Because PDR is performed by one technician and some special tools, PDR is more cost effective than a LaGrange body shop.
  • Time Saving – Generally, PDR takes hours to fix your dents compared to days at your LaGrange body shop.
  • Environmentally Friendly – PDR doesn’t use any hazardous chemicals than can harm the environment of Lagrange County.
  • Maintains Resale Value – Because PDR doesn’t involve painting your car, resale value isn’t harmed.
  • Superior Results – Unlike a body shop, PDR has a higher success rate for an undetectable repair. Because fillers and paint aren’t needed, there isn’t a reason for a repair to fail in the future.

The PDR Process

Generally, the PDR process is similar to a LaGrange body shop’s, but MI Dent Guy likes to make it more convenient for you. With MI Dent Guy, you get a Free Quote. You can get yours with a simple photo sent via Text Message to 269-506-1598. Additionally, you can fill out this form Contact on our website.

Next, we help you decide the best location to do your repair. Usually, larger dents need to be repaired at our facility. Mobile dent repair service is available for smaller damage. At MI Dent Guy, we strive to come up with the most convenient solution for your PDR need.

Your PDR Alternative to a LaGrange Body Shop

All things considered, MI Dent Guy hopes you see the benefits of Paintless Dent Repair. We are the LaGrange PDR alternative to a body shop repair. Fast and affordable repairs for you. Call us today at 269-506-1598 to see how PDR can help you! Serving Southwest MI and Northern Indiana.