An Economical Alternative to Costly Battle Creek Body Shop Repairs

Paintless Dent Repair

The alternative to costly Battle Creek body shop repairs is Paintless Dent Repair. MI Dent Guy is the premier choice to alleviate costly Battle Creek body shop rates. Sometimes, dents are unavoidable. Usually, careless drivers dent your car doors. Dents and dings are frustrating. First off, Stay calm. Secondly, assess the situation. Third, call MI Dent Guy. The dent can be repaired if the paint is still intact.  PDR can fix the damage. Also, the factory paint isn’t disturbed by Paintless Dent Repair. PDR is fast and affordable.

Your Factory Finish is Important

The long-term value of your car depends on maintaining its factory finish. Repainted cars lose value faster. Luckily, PDR won’t harm the finish. Body shops can’t say that. Furthermore, body fillers, sanding, and painting remove that factory finish. You only get one original paint job.

Faster Than a Body Shop

Paintless Dent Repair is much faster than traditional body shop repairs. Dents can be repaired in hours with PDR. Generally, repairs are done the same day. Mobile repair services allow some dents to be done in your own driveway. Body shops require you to bring your car to them. Typically, a body shop will have your car for three days or more to repair a small dent.

Cost Effective Prices

Typically, body shop repairs are more expensive than PDR. Because,  body shops use a lot of materials filling, sanding, and repainting the dent. Unfortunately, those steps add up to more money spent. More often, these steps are unnecessary. With PDR, the dent can simply be massaged or pulled out.

Skip the Body Shop

Keep your factory finish. MI Dent Guy can keep you out of the body shop. Get a Free Quote and Damage Analysis. Call Today or Text a photo of your damage to 2695061598 . Ask about our Mobile Dent Repair service. Serving Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana