Angola Dent Repair

After a minor fender bender think carefully about where to get your repairs. Should you save the time and money with Paintless Dent Repair, or is the damage too severe to avoid a body shop? Whatever your choice is you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best Angola dent repair!

Get Back in Your Car Quick

I realize that fast repairs may not seem like it’s saving you money, but the phrase ‘Time is Money’ could not be more relevant than in todays modern society. Being without your car, even for a short time, can have a huge impact on your life. Especially if you have to spend the money on a rental. That’s why I’ve honed my talents to bring you the best speeds in the Angola dent repair industry. I can fix just about any dent in about an hour. Even the toughest hail damage takes no more than a few days!

A Cost Efficient Solution

Paintless Dent Repair is a much more affordable solution than a body shop. For example, a PDR expert can take care of a basketball sized dent quicker than a body shop. Often times body shops will take days or weeks to repair that dent . If your car has major damage or the paint has been broken then you may be out of luck. But nearly 80 percent of dents can be repaired with Paintless Dent Repair.

Maintain Your Resale Value

Paintless dent repair is proven to maintain your vehicle’s resale value. Our non invasive process will leave your car factory fresh. You see, when a body shop repairs a dent they don’t go about it the same way a PDR tech does. Body shops fill and refinish the dent  leaving a lasting effect that will lower your car’s value even years down the line. Paintless dent repair is approved by both auto manufacturers and insurance companies so it won’t affect the rest of the vehicle’s integrity.

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